Pretty Things for July

Been looking for the perfect length and size pearls forever, I have a longer one but I need a shorter one and these are perfect.
Invisi purse- Martin Margiela
I know its a bit masculine but I can just envision it on my entrance table, probably with water though or maybe some aged red wine perhaps? :)
The perfect black pumps

One can never have enough yogurt in a lifetime.

Everything on that list. (If you would like to send me any of these, please contact me in case you do not know who/what/where for each piece)

I have given up driving for almost 2 years now but I have to admit the thought has been playing in the back of my mind.

Size 8 please :)

Don't really know who/what for this piece but I want it, bad.

Although probably unattainable seeing as this was shot in the 1989 (if i am not mistaken) but it would complete my beach days.



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