July's read

"It's almost as if religion needs innocence, lack of education, and ignorance in order to thrive!.. The bible, claiming to contain everything, banned everything it did not contain. Over the centuries the results were devastating... Proof of the existence of a truth is often reducible to the sum of errors repeated until they become received truth."

"Humans become human through intense learning not just of survival skills but of customs and social mores, kinship and social laws- that is, culture."

-I really should subscribe but I never get around to it.

P.S. The above reads clearly talk about some fiercely debated issues between scholars and curious people alike and it is a topic I choose not to discuss nor disclose my opinions on. Feel free to comment but do not ask me what my beliefs are on these issues, I'd rather not discuss them.


Hugo Boss Black Fall 2012 Campaign

I have always been iffy about this brand but after trying on a couple of their suits, I was sold. They have this terribly wonderful fit to them. You feel like the boss immediately after putting one on. So luxurious!!! Of course, had to grab a few pieces :)


Random elevator photoshoot.


Pretty Things for July

Been looking for the perfect length and size pearls forever, I have a longer one but I need a shorter one and these are perfect.
Invisi purse- Martin Margiela
I know its a bit masculine but I can just envision it on my entrance table, probably with water though or maybe some aged red wine perhaps? :)
The perfect black pumps

One can never have enough yogurt in a lifetime.

Everything on that list. (If you would like to send me any of these, please contact me in case you do not know who/what/where for each piece)

I have given up driving for almost 2 years now but I have to admit the thought has been playing in the back of my mind.

Size 8 please :)

Don't really know who/what for this piece but I want it, bad.

Although probably unattainable seeing as this was shot in the 1989 (if i am not mistaken) but it would complete my beach days.




Gareth Pugh

Gareth Pugh F/W 2010. This is what first initiated my interest in this designer and over the years they have grown so much and continue to excite me.


Remember that shoot I told you guys I did for a friend of mine for his Fall menswear collection? Well I know it was super long ago but I finally found the pictures hidden under ton of pictures in this folder. I think he decided to go another route after or they never went into production but regardless it was a great time and he is pure genius, he has influenced my style in more ways then one and I truly enjoy our friendship, an ever learning and growing process. Check out his work, really great